The Highest Standards of Service

Stephens Land Services offers a variety of lease administration services and support with the highest degree of efficiency. We have projects and clients located all over the country, and act as the entire lease administration department for many oil and gas companies.

We also assist multiple other companies with their diversified needs from a lease administration standpoint on a daily basis. Our lease administration team is made up of experienced individuals that are members of the National Association of Lease Analysts. Each member is highly experienced in handling all lease administration duties as well as being able to work within the particular software your company choses to use. We train our lease administration experts to uphold the highest ethical standards when dealing with landowners and clients. We are professionals in an industry that can be very challenging but as equally rewarding. We also understand and demonstrate the importance of accuracy, speed and efficiency.

Clients come to us for a multitude of needs and we are always available for any type of lease administration assistance. Our services include:

  • Input Leases, Contracts & Wells into Client’s Land System Upkeep of Existing Leases
  • Review and Analyze Leases for Vital Clauses & Obligations
  • Notify Clients of any upcoming Obligations
  • Calculate Gross Working Interest & Net Revenue Interest
  • Calculate Overriding Royalty Interest on a Lease by Lease Basis
  • Lease Bonus, Delay Rental and Shut-in Royalty Payments
  • Research for Mineral and Company Net Acreage
  • Handle all Third Party Correspondence
  • Handle Owner Relations
  • Extensive Reporting covering Acreage Reports

Please contact us should you have any questions regarding these services. As many other clients we serve have enjoyed and can attest, SLS can save your company thousands of dollars by handling your lease administration needs rather than your company having to staff up for such work. Come see why so many rely on us and have for so long!